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Hurtling are Jen Macro, Jon Clayton and Simon Kobayashi.


They are sometimes dreamy, they are sometimes noisy.


Heavily influenced by 90s alt-rock, Hurtling's pop sensibilities are bathed/drowned in loud guitars (Jen) and intricate basslines (Simon) all underpinned by driving drums (Jon). Taking inspiration from bands such as The Breeders, Sebadoh and Throwing Muses 

but make a sound all their own, the three members of the band are seasoned professionals. Lead singer/guitarist Jen Macro has played and sung live with a number of respected artists including My Bloody Valentine and Graham Coxon. Drummer

Jon Clayton has run OneCat Studio in Brixton for over 10 years and has worked with artists including Jim Bob (Carter USM), Charlotte Hatherley, The Monochrome Set and Chris T-T and both Jon and Jen wrote, performed and produced in Something Beginning L. Simon Kobayashi (Bass) is founding member of Smallgang and Splintered Man and has lent his musical talents to Shonen Knife, Bitch Magnet and Kath Bloom.


The band started life when Jen returned from touring as keyboard player and guitarist with My Bloody Valentine. Having written a handful of songs whilst on the road, she then started to muck around with them in Jon's OneCat Studio where Jon took up the (unusual for him) position of drummer. The project picked up momentum when Simon joined the duo, and the three piece started to venture into live performances towards the latter part of 2015.

Debut album 'Future From Here' was released on October 18th, 2019, on Onomatopoeia Records.



"4 Stars: ...deserve to be huge." - MOJO Magazine

"Future From Here is sonically perfect. Technically faultless. The guitar sound(s) and playing are things of sheer beauty...Simply, a great album. A stunning debut and a future classic." - Louder Than War

"Future From Here is an album that sounds familiar and fresh at the same time...when they want to, Hurtling can let rip and tear us all a new one... If this is a slice of what to expect from Macro in the future, we’ll all be here for a long time."The Quietus

"Hurtling take little time in dispelling any doubts as to the veracity of the praise which has been heaped on them by all and sundry...carving shimmering swathes of post-rock, fuzzed at the edges with flecks of grungy alt-rock.  Dedicated to the memory of Jen’s mother, the tracks have a deep emotional core, magnified by live performance, the mood switching from downbeat to hopeful so smoothly you barely notice the transition in your own state of mind, with the red-raw vocals of ‘Feel It’ and the vast emotive ocean of set closer ‘Call to Arms’ particularly affecting." - Joyzine (Live review)

"if I hadn’t liked the way it sounded: waver-y and woozy, lots of loud-soft loud-soft dynamics and fuzzed-out distorted guitars and a female vocal that burns and connects to sweetly with my heightened frightened senses that I spend half the time thinking, wow man Madder Rose were such an underrated band of the 90s man, and half the time thinking, god damn god fucking damn Throwing Muses really were the fucking greatest band of the late 80s, 90s , 00s and whatever decade you deign to name and I am such a dotard retard for not ALWAYS acknowledging this, and then another half the time thinking that this music – and fuck the comparisons – is making me feel so high, so alive, so ready to take on anyfuckingthing again." - Everett True

"Their sound draws from pre-grunge quiet-loud-quiet-loud acts like The Pixies, but they have as much in common with contemporary outfits such as Wolf Alice. Their sound, in fact, boasts variety, at least within an indie guitar rock context."

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