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Summer trail

Summer trail



hurtling are Jen Macro, Jon Clayton and Simon Kobayashi.

Later this year they will put out their debut album 'Future From Here' on Onomatopoeia Records.

Prior to that, they release the download single 'Summer' (cat, number HUM27) on 31/08/2018. A feelgood, anti-hero of a popsong,  the track's sundrenched start may put sprinkles on your 99 Flake, but the twist in the middle will leave you with your Mr Whippy all down your arm, as the song melts via the minds of these three Alt-Rock dystopians.


Hurtling play live on Sep 5th at The Windmill in Brixton with Rat The Magnificent and on Oct 8th at The Lexington supporting Say Sue Me. If you'd like a press pass to the gigs, a pre-release copy of Future From Here, or need any further info, please get in touch:


Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, hurtling take inspiration from bands such as The Breeders, Throwing Muses and Yo La Tengo but make a sound that is all their own.

Between them, Jen, Jon & Simon have worked with a number of respected artists including My Bloody Valentine, Graham Coxon, Jim Bob (Carter USM), The Monochrome Set, Chris T-TCharlotte Hatherley, Shonen Knife, Kath Bloom and Jon Fine (Bitch Magnet). They have built upon their collective musical experiences to create the dark hued, melodious, cinematic yet hook laden sound of hurtling.


Written during downtime while Jen was playing guitar for MBV's 2013 tour, the initial batch of songs featured on the Future From Here album were conceived with no greater intention than making music that she wanted to hear. Jon and Simon also liked what they heard and they spent time working out how to play together, with Jon learning the drums for the band, and Simon playing someone else's songs for the first time. Learning to leave space as much as fill it, the band have worked studiously to realise an instinctive feel, where songs are deceptively loose, belying the dynamic arrangements beneath the squall of guitars.

Last year hurtling released Feel It as a double A-side single with Creepy Neighbour. through Brixton Hill Studios' label Brixton Hillbilly.



"Their crunchy alt-rock sound is entirely of their own making and leaves a packed Windmill baying for more" - JOYZINE

"led by the goddess-like genius that is Jen Macro, an absolutely stunning guitarist, songwriter, and all-round awesome loud woman" - LOUD WOMEN


"Hurtling were fucking great, keep an eye out for them" - WUSSY (Damnably Records)


Who are hurtling?


hurtling are led by guitarist/singer/songwriter Jen Macro, a stalwart of London's indie music scene. Jen, and Jon Clayton (now hurtling's drummer) moved to London in the late nineties having formed a band at college - Blusher - who were courted by Blur's label Food Records and briefly managed by Ricky Gervais. Despite disbanding the group after a few years, Jen and Jon remained passionate about music, with Jon setting up his own recording studio, OneCat, and both of them playing in local bands such as Stuffy/The Fuses (recording with Steve Albini) and Chris T-T, as well as working as part of Charlotte Hatherley's (Ash) live line-up.

Jon's OneCat Studio, at Jon's behest, remains an affordable place to create and record, and has seen many bands come through it's doors including The Monochrome Set, David Cronenberg's Wife, Pete and The Pirates, JimBob and many more.


Itching to create their own music once more, Jon and Jen formed eclectic shoegaze/alt rock trio Something Beginning With L with Lucy Parnell in the lat 2000s. They released one album Beautiful Ground on Armellodie Records. Along with Lucy, Jen sang backing vocals for Graham Coxon on his Spinning Top tour, and they later became multi-instrumentalists on later gigs with him supporting his A & E record. In 2013 Jen joined the live line-up of seminal shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine, it was on this tour that the nucleus of hurtling was formed, and Jon later learnt to play drums so that they could muck about with the songs in his studio to see if they had any potential.

Jon and Jen had met Simon Kobayashi in the 2000s through friends and had become huge fans of his band Smallgang (Damnably Records), who also recorded at OneCat. Simon has also leant his musical talents to bands and artists including Shonen Knife, Kath Bloom and Jon Fine. Although predominantly a guitarist, at a boozy gathering at the 12 Bar Club he agreed to play bass for the threepiece. Many months later they made it into a room and bash out some songs. And thus...

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